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Cannes, France →

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Todd Phillips’ War Dogs →

War Dogs is a strange beast with a lot of bark and little bite, or so it seems.


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Ray Liotta and the HD Direct-to-Video Era

January 14, 2015  Leave your thoughts

Skyfall: Spy Sins

The old British domination is history, but history remembers how it operated ruthlessly through the years. Britain’s supreme power abroad, the agent, falls down from their last industrial pride – the railroad in Istanbul. Then in Macao, a stiff lifeless body travels through the underworld on a boat on the river Styx and is swallowed whole by the dragon. The spy, as a symbol of fashionable prestige, returns to the real world to find it dramatically changed. This happens at the Pearl River Delta, where the empire fought by all means necessary to force the East to open up its trade routes in the prosperous 19 AD.


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