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Culture time with Georgi Gospodinov, author of Booker-shortlisted novel Time Shelter.

May 11, 2023  Leave your thoughts

A visit to Gare de Lyon‘s legendary restaurant Le Train Bleu, opened in 1900 and run by a Michelin-decorated chef.


July 10, 2022  Leave your thoughts
November 15, 2020  Leave your thoughts

A research spaceship approached the sun and unlocked all mysteries of the universe. Shortly afterwards, the crew started growing younger, but their minds deteriorated and they couldn’t operate the ship. Now what?

August 16, 2020  Leave your thoughts

In rural Virginia, former Witness Protection (WP) specialist John Kruger (Arnold) is visited by new agents from his old workplace, led by Steven Holabeek. Following a tip-off from the CIA, they start erasing him to protect him from foreign terror group Emerging Justice. While Kruger can take care of himself and then some, the government won’t risk a diplomatic scandal with the terrorists’ home country, a powerful middle eastern ally. Meanwhile, Carina, a Chinese woman (Yennis Cheung) from Internal Affairs investigates corruption inside WP. (more…)

September 23, 2018  Leave your thoughts