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The Asian business-oriented web sites follow markedly different creative approach. It requires an unique strategy to position ourselves there and profit from that huge market. The questions we need to answer ourselves are as follows:

  • What is the current state of business web design in Asia and how is it different than Europe and USA?
  • What can we bring on the table in order to integrate ourselves successfully and stand out from the rest?
  • How can we sustain our presence and become the most desirable partner both for companies and individuals?

  1. State of Affairs

    Western societies look for a quick and effective way of doing business online without much distraction. They want to be led by the site through the fastest way to find what they need and do what they have to. It is so, because they are highly developed and there is great competition. Asians, on the other hand, need to be immersed into a web experience and to stay longer on the site for purposes other than completing a transaction. This is achieved by interactive widgets, socialising and other types of emotional storytelling online, which follows a specific set of local values.

  2. Improved by Us

    By striving to dazzle people as much as possible, average Asian sites use striking colours and animation and heavy plugin-based content. Oftentimes this approach leads to poorly balanced vision, broken page elements and extremely slow loading and performance in broader geographic and IT context. What we could do is take the positives from their approach, mark down a few guidelines and rebuild it from our web development viewpoint. Which is rock solid and tightly optimised for multiple regions. This way we will have the best of both worlds and become the go-to organisation that satisfies corporate and personal needs with great business offers and an impeccable style upon a solid foundation. Revolutionising the field in the meantime.

  3. Sustained Development

    With strong contacts, determination and know-how, we can rewrite the book on business web design in Asia and establish an uncompromisingly strong presence. When the time comes, we will be more than ready to grow to encompass yet another huge region of the world. We will have landing pages and gateway geared towards the specifics of the market, combined with creative wisdom and technical excellence.

In summary, we need to make sure that our Asian mini-sites are: shining and colourful, but not too much; media-rich, but not locking out clients without certain plugins or operating systems; filled with both enticing stories and intuitive functionality.


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