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Apple claims the Vision Pro is the most advanced personal computing device and it’s easy to see why. AR/VR interaction by eye/head/hands tracking and high visual fidelity delivered by a couple of 4K+ displays do seem to be next level technology. What’s interesting for the web is that the device uses good* old Safari to browse the web and the UX depends on websites being fast, semantic HTML, scalable, accessible, and stable. There is also a brand new highlight effect.

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4К версия на нашия документален/концертен филм по случай 15 години от основаването на българския алтернативен лейбъл Жълта музика. С участието на Ерол Ибрахимов (Уикеда), Георги Згуров (Анимационерите), Димитър Паскалев (Блуба Лу), Свилен Ноев (Остава) и Катя Атанасова.

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A carousel component which uses the native scroll snapping functionality with enhancements and customisation. It is lightweight and accessible, with vertical, auto height, tabs, lightbox, layout options, RTL support and no dependencies

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