It’s an Olivier Assayas Century, We just Live in It

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Les destinées sentimentales (2000) – Good – An audacious 3h film that really starts at about the 90th minute

demonlover (2002) – Great – Modernism redefined for a new century

Clean (2004) – Great – The most musical film of a most musical filmmaker

Boarding Gate (2007) – Good – How to elevate a b-movie into a globalisation revelation

Summer Hours (2008) – Great – His glorious masterpiece, a companion to Kore-eda’s masterpiece Still Walking of the same year

Carlos (2010) – Great – The vanity of conviction in 5 hours, 10 languages and 20 countries with a $20M budget that looks like $100M

Something in the Air (2012) – Good – The romantic crossroads of youth

Clouds of Sils Maria (2014) – Bad – Nervousness, confusion and drunk women

Personal Shopper (2016) – Great – The modern malaise is constant discontent and longing for a mythical beyond, which is a cold unsympathetic void

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