niui 3.0 – Native Internet User Interface

May 2, 2023 6:08 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Overpowered, undersized, accessible UI library

Just released the third major version of the niui web UI library. Here are some of its key points:

  • Focused on helping devs solve tough UI problems like Carousel, Modal etc.
  • Many features in small file size: 14 CSS + 12 KB JavaScript (which isn’t required)
  • It doesn’t force default styling like rounded edges etc.
  • Yet its minimal style is useful out of the box and themeable by optional CSS variables.
  • Dozens of demo sites
  • Available as either a minified global JS or ES module
  • Edge cases welcome. Tooltip works outside of overflow: hidden container etc
  • Native carousel with many options, including Lightbox. It uses native Scroll Snap Points, because swipe is the most natural way to browse a carousel. Other carousels using click-hold-move make it impossible to click and drag items in the slides
  • Rich select that resolves back to native select
  • Customisable Modal with <dialog>
  • Accordion with optional grid with inline pop ins
  • Accessible HTML structure with full keyboard control
  • The library doesn’t affect other content on the page, because it’s limited to its CSS classes
  • Disabled animation when the “prefers reduced motion” option is enabled
  • Documentation with code snippets
  • RTL ready
  • Much more


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