Survey on Parallax/Scrolling effects and Conversion

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Zeldman: My guess is parallax has no effect or slightly negative effect on conversion. Performance issues + possibility of confusing some users would likely negatively impact conversion somewhat.

Ulrich: If anything, lower engagement as parallax sucks on mobile and if overused, is confusing at best.

Brigatti: I have no data but some clients asked for it because they saw parallax as a sign of a modern design.

Tarnoff: It is an accessibility issue.

Bershefsky: Isn’t Parallax effect on engagement related to novelty? Thus a drop in relation to ubiquity.

Deagan: Google data now shows users actually dislike huge images due to cognitive load.

Berner: parallax type effects would be detrimental to conversions if anything…

Walker: I removed it from a site and noted insignificant change, up or down.

Study 1

Result “we rejected the hypothesis that PS (parallax scrolling) would improve perceived usability, enjoyment, satisfaction, and visual appeal”

Authors: Dede Frederick, James Mohler, Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Ronald Glotzbach at Journal of Usability Studies

Study 2

Google Adwords campaign with the following results: “There was no significant difference in the conversion rate after running the test for 3 months”, “Using animated scrolling because it’s trendy is not worth it, as there was no significant conversion rate improvement achieved from the additional investment of time, effort and cost in making it animated.”

Author: Duncan Jones (+10 years experience in optimising online businesses with an astute approach to conversion rate optimisation)


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