The De Palma Misunderstanding

May 3, 2011 10:22 am Published by Leave your thoughts
In his extensive body of work, director Brian De Palma makes very important political and cultural points, but they aren’t being taken seriously by the audiences. Quite often, their viewing experience collapses and the filmmaker gets a bad reputation. This happens because De Palma’s elaborate form doesn’t follow the mainstream media style, which isn’t really looking to enlighten people in the first place.

Audiences are strongly accustomed to popular media and instinctively refuse to accept another point of view. The vicious circle is complete when De Palma grows even more cynical towards the establishment and general audiences feel even more alienated to his output.

In De Palma films, a scream is never “just a scream”; it always carries emotional, historical and social resonance. Which makes for a great irony that his pivotal work Blow Out marks its 30th anniversary and is released on glorious Blu-ray in the same time when Scre4m attacks the cinemas.


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