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World of Games is a virtual world full of composite locations, characters and events from video games, driven by game logic.

If many games have castles in them, World of Games has one castle which combines their most popular features. If there are many knights in games, World of Games has one composite knight character sharing their most popular traits. Naturally, the composite knight fights cliché enemies in the castle and saves the standard princess. And so on until this virtual world presents a faithful representation of the world of games today.

The virtual world processes data from current games’ achievements/trophies and generates its elements accordingly. If enough gamers play a certain type of character, World of Games has it living and acting inside. A gamer who plays a soldier can check what the World of Games version of his character is doing anytime. And it is doing what the real-world gamers are making it do mostly.

It’s a cultural amalgam of the contemporary technology/art/competition media of video games.


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