3D Games Are Not So New

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Back in the beginning of the 80s, games were schematic representation of reality, either seen from above or from the side. Right then came the first 3D games, not as you might think, in 2010. They were called:

3D Graphic Adventures. They were the same as before, but on the flat monitor you could see a drawn scene like a photograph, with psychological illusion of depth.

Towards the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, we saw the second wave of 3D games:

Real-time 3D Action Games. They had real depth inside the computer and the screen showed what you would see in reality from any angle. Graphics were constructed on the fly.

With the emergence of IMAX and the improvement of 3D cinema, in 2010 we’re witnessing the new wave:

Stereoscopic 3D. This is the Avatar kind of 3D – we see two images, one for each eye. Requires special glasses.

Next 3D anyone?

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