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CSS-only slider with native browser scrolling and JS navigation buttons. Optimised for mobile without mobile-specific code. Multiple sliders on one page. <2K zipped.

Usage: Add native-slider.css and native-slider.js to a jQuery-enabled page and wrap the slides with a “.slider” container.

How it works: The slides are lined up horizontally with “display: inline-block” and prevented from dropping below by “white-space: normal”. The sliding action is native browser scrolling.


November 12, 2013  Leave your thoughts

Checkbox state detection + media queries + CSS animation – JavaScript = Slide Nav. On desktop it looks like normal horizontal navigation, but on mobile devices it is transformed into a sliding navigation like in the Facebook mobile app.


February 10, 2013  Leave your thoughts

Transform your ‘Twenty Twelve’ WordPress to a clean promotions site. Add images as a gallery, insert them individually or make a slider by using post category Slider. The gallery now has custom image link.


February 3, 2013  Leave your thoughts