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CSS-only slider with native browser scrolling and JS navigation buttons. Optimised for mobile without mobile-specific code. Multiple sliders on one page. <2K zipped.

Usage: Add native-slider.css and native-slider.js to a jQuery-enabled page and wrap the slides with a “.slider” container.

How it works: The slides are lined up horizontally with “display: inline-block” and prevented from dropping below by “white-space: normal”. The sliding action is native browser scrolling.


November 12, 2013  Leave your thoughts

Checkbox state detection + media queries + CSS animation – JavaScript = Slide Nav. On desktop it looks like normal horizontal navigation, but on mobile devices it is transformed into a sliding navigation like in the Facebook mobile app.


February 10, 2013  Leave your thoughts

Transform your ‘Twenty Twelve’ WordPress to a clean promotions site. Add images as a gallery, insert them individually or make a slider by using post category Slider. The gallery now has custom image link.


February 3, 2013  Leave your thoughts

The great number of Responsive Web Design grids can be confusing and intimidating to use. Percentage-based floating columns can drop down in certain resolutions and browsers. The flex box method is unfinished and currently has 3 different conflicting implementations. With a little help from the table-based past, here is the Flashback Grid, whose columns behave like table cells. Boxes never drop below each other and the browser does all width calculations, instead of forcing us to write complex percentages in CSS. (more…)

January 7, 2013  Leave your thoughts