moving wordpress

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wordpress is anything but easy, regardless of what they want you to believe. they have a long way to go to make it intuitive and transparent. the built-in import/export feature doesn’t really work, so here’s a short description of

moving wordpress

  1. in phpmyadmin:
    1. enter your db and export all tables to a file
    2. create new db
    3. import old tables into new db
    4. in the wp_options table, replace url with new one
  2. copy original wordpress files into new location
  3. edit wp-config.php with the new db name and the user/password who has full access
  4. copy old theme into the new wp’s wp-content/themes folder
  5. start wp-admin of the new wp, using the old credentials
    1. in settings, edit the other location entry
    2. in appearance, enable the old theme
  6. copy .htaccess over from the old wp and edit paths accordingly

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