A former cinema theatre on Maria Luiza Blvd., Sofia. I saw “Face/Off” there in ’97, now the establishment has been properly defaced.

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wordpress is anything but easy, regardless of what they want you to believe. they have a long way to go to make it intuitive and transparent. the built-in import/export feature doesn’t really work, so here’s a short description of

moving wordpress (more…)

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to our american friends – less suv and tv
to our brazilian friends – balance with industry/nature and rich/poor
to our canadian friends – global warming, explosion of music scene
to our israeli friends – find a vacant, floating mountain to inhabit at peace
to our chinese friends – confidence and inventiveness
to our japanese friends – youth
to our singaporean friends – find your place and be a shining example
to our thai friends – educate the world about your talents; no prejudices
to our cambodian friends – learn tourism from the arabs, fix the corrupt government
to our jordanian friends – may your grand plans be fulfilled
to our turkish friends – only sweetness
to our british friends – honesty
to our australian friends – don’ weery abeaut it
to our iranian friends – outsmart the west; turn one against another, beat them at their own game

to our ceo friends – unlimited resources for all

to all my friends – no smoking

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Avatar is not going to change how “civilised” humans think, nor influence the way governments act. You only have to go to Copenhagen to realise this.

No, the film uses believable hyper-reality to help us dream a little. James Cameron‘s idea is of a perfect natural world and he would very much like you to share it. Forget all the hell-holes around the corner and immerse yourself in an alternate scenario. After all, this is what great sci-fi is about, a “what-if”. Thanks to the amazing achievement in editing, pacing and visualising, Avatar bonds us together in a ravishing collective dream.

There are no excuses for dreams and there should not be any. The important thing is to unleash your imagination and always smile, when remembering your/his/our journey to Pandora.

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