Yes, they tempted me, I thought it’d be fun and I fell for this big cliché: listing top films. Idle hands are the critic‘s own.

A Re-Tweet by @theauteurs sent me to where I had to list top 20 titles of the decade 2000-2010. Of course, It’s impossible so I cheated by scanning my favourite directors at and came up with 40 titles. Short-listing them down to 20 was the ridiculously hard part. Enjoy! (more…)

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Every time I see an interesting thumbnail of a photo and upon seeing the large size, I realise it’s tilt-shifted, I shiver. Why does it feel so wrong on such a visceral visual level?

Because they steal our space. (more…)
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Photo: Trey Ratcliff

Today the great HDR photographer/traveller Trey Ratcliff (aka stuckincustoms) tweeted a new photo from Tokyo, one of my favourite places. I clicked immediately to check it out and it was awesome as always. But this time he wrote a challenge to his fans to identify the place where the photo was taken. I was hooked, because I love these things: Geography, Tokyo, Challenge.

The place photographed is a very luxurious bar. I focused on the amazing blue-hour view out of the window. The one instantly recognisable object was Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills – the bigger one, not to be confused with another Mori skyscraper near Tokyo Tower. This narrowed down the location to Roppongi Hills. Good, but it’s huge, what’s next? (more…)

November 24, 2009  2

По време на следобедата разходка около заспалия бедуински лагер в Уади Рум, се засякохме с Алекс. Младеж от Хонг Конг, с Nikon D300 и в очакване на една година гурбет в Дубай. (more…)

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В една септемврийска вечер тръгнахме от Централна автогара през Истанбул към Йордания, за да се разходим в пустините и да видим какво правят нашите арабски приятели. (more…)

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