Kent Live, Malmö, Sweden →

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Malmö, Sweden →

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Stockholm, Sweden →

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Sweden by Rail →

Malmö – Stockholm – Malmö by Snälltåget 3940 and SJ 525.


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Gamer Rant →

Disappointed by the direction consoles are heading. Many new PS4 games’ performance is abysmal and unacceptable. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has high-resolution art, but moves slowly and inconsistently like an unfinished prototype, created by cutting corners. Ironically, its glitchiness recalls the original cult game, but that one was released in 2000. Another interesting new title, Dishonored 2, is reported to have even worse performance issues. (more…)

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London: Fly and Dine →

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#A380inSOF – Lufthansa Airbus A380 in Sofia →

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Shanghai 2016 →

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Shakira – Waka Waka →

0:01 – Infancy. Distant strange voices and muted music. No one remembers this curious but vague passage. Learning to walk to the beat.

0:21 – Childhood. Explosion of rhythm and melody in perfect sync. Uplifting period feeling like blissful eternity.

0:51 – Young adulthood. Everything around is endless beautiful music taking you on an epic journey. (more…)

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