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September 7, 2011  Leave your thoughts

The film Source Code consists of:

  • The Sisyphus myth. Life is a never-ending struggle.
  • The contemporary political oppression over the individual. The soldier is forced to carry out missions he doesn’t understand.
  • Solipsism. The world is what one experiences inside his/her head, therefore inseparable from our subjective senses.
  • The Cave from Plato’s Republic. We are in the darkness of our mind and can only guess what the outside world is like –  the City is always on the horizon, unreachable.
  • Buddhist immortal soul being reborn from one reality to another.

Systematic society versus the spontaneity of the human condition. The hero is a lost soul who is in turns a soldier, saviour, bully, thief, charmer, entertainer… all the colours of the human experience.

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