My MUBI: 700+ films rated over the course of 15 years

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MUBI is a films streamer/social network I joined in 2008 because of an Olivier Assayas interview. Here is a copy of my activity on the site, complete with subjective ratings and the occasional silly comment.

Oppenheimer2023Christopher NolanUnited States1The cinematic equivalent of nuclear fallout. Still better than the real thing, I guess.Oppenheimer
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 32023James GunnUnited States5 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome1985George Miller, George OgilvieUnited States3It’s mad, all right, and way too many other things. Too bad its wild ambitions don’t quite mesh as a whole.Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One2023Christopher McQuarrieUnited States4Superior old school analog action/thriller extravaganza. Dead Reckoning wipes the floor with poor Indy 5. The floor of a train car, hanging from a ledge 50m up in the air, and on fire.Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One
Fast X2023Louis LeterrierUnited States4Leterrier knocked this one out of the park. Colourful ridiculous non stop fun.Fast X
The Year of Living Dangerously1982Peter WeirAustralia2A fascinating, half-successful minefield of ideas. Proceed with caution.The Year of Living Dangerously
John Wick: Chapter 42023Chad StahelskiUnited States5Yeah, this is unbelievable. Insanely consistent world building with incredibly exciting action set pieces. Beautiful compositions, perfect timing, crystal clear action and an all-time great one shot sequence. Ukiyo-e repainted by blood. Everything clicks, including flirting with cheesy Hillywoodisms, while wisely avoiding any trendy nonsense. A literally Sysiphean effort which cuts the crap and sticks to its guns.John Wick: Chapter 4
Five Easy Pieces1970Bob RafelsonUnited States3This uber hater’s self destructive spiral might or might not be linked to family and modern society at large.Five Easy Pieces
Avatar: The Way of Water2022James CameronUnited States3A talented filmmaker who started out as a painter, is now a supervisor of a Disney theme park, where imaginary song-composing whales are the real artists. Check out John Boorman’s The Emerald Forest instead.Avatar: The Way of Water
The New World: The Extended Cut2006Terrence MalickUnited States5Peak MalickThe New World: The Extended Cut
Storks2016Nicholas Stoller, Doug SweetlandUnited States4Highly effective baby formulaStorks
Ambulance2022Michael BayUnited States4Dr Bay is obsessed by keeping your pulse up in a Tony Scott meets GTA crazy ride. Incredibly real-feeling LA streets with a touch of working class Unstoppable vibe. Good apology for Six Underground, but falls short of Pain & Gain by strongly insisting on flipping cars.Ambulance
Spider-Man: No Way Home2021Jon WattsUnited States2Remix + memes + trailerSpider-Man: No Way Home
Gemini Man2019Ang LeeUnited States4I am so over Smith’s daddy obsession, but this was killer entertainment and a sincere love letter to the genre. Top notch spectacle, as breathtaking as the same year’s Alita: Battle Angel, where every dollar is on the screen.Gemini Man
Cloud Atlas2012Tom Tykwer & 2 moreGermany3Equally fascinating and embarrassing, comic book spirituality disguised as a historical epic with terrible makeup.Cloud Atlas
Cry Macho2021Clint EastwoodUnited States2Should’ve been something like an abstract reverie. Currently it’s lost between too much genre, plotting and miscasting.Cry Macho
The Protege2021Martin CampbellUnited States2Leon v183 has better staged and lit indoor talk scenes than the outdoor action in painfully fake-looking Vietnam.The Protege
Escape from Alcatraz1979Don SiegelUnited States3Very entertaining and engaging, but doesn’t seem to hold any deep ideas.Escape from Alcatraz
6 Underground2019Michael BayUnited States1A big loud pile of Nothing.6 Underground
Ant-Man and the Wasp2018Peyton ReedUnited States3The titular relationship is nowhere to be seen and the super hot wasp(s) swept under the CGI avatars.Ant-Man and the Wasp
Doctor Sleep2019Mike FlanaganUnited States4 Doctor Sleep
The 15:17 to Paris2018Clint EastwoodUnited States3Fascinating experiment.The 15:17 to Paris
Soul2020Pete Docter, Kemp PowersUnited States3Poor man’s Inside Out. Dazzling but numb.Soul
Tenet2020Christopher NolanUnited Kingdom4Temporal solipsism is when someone believes everything they encounter is triggered by their timeless ego. A feeling coming from people’s secret desire to control their own fate. Selfish laissez-faire.Tenet
Aladdin2019Guy RitchieUnited States3 Aladdin
Wasp Network2019Olivier AssayasFrance1An embarrassing misfire by the great Assayas, who actually brought me to this site originally, to read his interview ca 2008.Wasp Network
American Dharma2018Errol MorrisUnited States4Confused? Outraged? Desperate? Media painting the world as a nightmare you can’t wake up from? Buckle up, it’s going to get much worse, according to Errol Morris and Steve Bannon.American Dharma
The Traitor2019Marco BellocchioItaly5 The Traitor
Keep Cool1997Zhang YimouHong Kong4 Keep Cool
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw2019David LeitchUnited States3Nicely framed and edited, if a little juvenile, action extravaganza.Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw
The Kid Who Would Be King2019Joe CornishUnited Kingdom4 The Kid Who Would Be King
Joker2019Todd PhillipsUnited States2Wow, the less than subtle sequel to Mike Leigh’s Happy-Go-Lucky really missed the point.Joker
Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood2019Quentin TarantinoUnited States4… Hollywood uses violence as a wake up call and a return to reality for a society lost in escapist culture and politics.Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood
Mustang2015Deniz Gamze ErgüvenFrance2Trite scene, cliché scene, trite scene, cliché scene. Yol this ain’t.Mustang
Domino2019Brian De PalmaDenmark3Detractors and the fans are both right about Domino. It’s in turns weird (dialogue delivery), wild (the climax), bad (scenes seem to go nowhere) and wonderful (De Palma doing guerrilla filmmaking 50 years later).Domino
Love Education2017Sylvia ChangChina3 Love Education
Identity Thief2013Seth GordonUnited States3Better than expected.Identity Thief
Gods of Egypt2016Alex ProyasUnited States3 Gods of Egypt
Burning2018Lee Chang-dongSouth Korea2First disappointment from the master. The emptiness between modern and rural country could have been a short film. There is beauty in things unsaid but there is a limit too. Come Rain, Come Shine was a bolder exercise in minimalism.Burning
Cirkus Columbia2010Danis TanovićBosnia and Herzegovina4 Cirkus Columbia
Interstellar2014Christopher NolanUnited States3 Interstellar
The Mothman Prophecies2002Mark PellingtonUnited States3 The Mothman Prophecies
Mission: Impossible – Fallout2018Christopher McQuarrieUnited States4Pure SisyphusanityMission: Impossible - Fallout
Phantom Thread2017Paul Thomas AndersonUnited States4Bless your soul, Douglas Sirk.Phantom Thread
Avengers: Infinity War2018Anthony Russo, Joe RussoUnited States3Shocking – a decent Alan Silvestri score!Avengers: Infinity War
R.I.P.D.2013Robert SchwentkeUnited States3Interesting and fun, doesn’t deserve the hate.R.I.P.D.
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri2017Martin McDonaghUnited States3Mixed-up mix of genresThree Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
The Shape of Water2017Guillermo del ToroUnited States2Shallow subservient PC fable goes with the flow and flushes all subtlety and imagination down the drain.The Shape of Water
Thor: Ragnarok2017Taika WaititiUnited States3Disney’s new Tron is amazing, but it needed Primal Scream’s Miss Lucifer instead of the second Immigrant Song.Thor: Ragnarok
Meet Joe Black1998Martin BrestUnited States3They sure did milk that premise.Meet Joe Black
Logan Lucky2017Steven SoderberghUnited States4I want Steve’s wide-angle lens. It does magic.Logan Lucky
Spielberg2017Susan LacyUnited States3OK, but doesn’t dive into what makes him a great artist, just like the recent Altman doc.Spielberg
Red Istanbul2017Ferzan ÖzpetekItaly3Enigmatic mix of Antonioni’s L’Avventura and Assayas’ Summer Hours.Red Istanbul
The Last Witch Hunter2015Breck EisnerUnited States4Surprisingly, a lot of fun! 1. Grab a beer, 2. Watch The Last Witch Hunter, 3. Thank me later.The Last Witch Hunter
Life2017Daniel EspinosaUnited States3 Life
Dunkirk2017Christopher NolanUnited States4Existential anxiety of being trapped and thrown into chaos, desperately counting on machines and people for survival. Howard Hawks’ men on a boat.Dunkirk
Dust in the Wind1986Hou Hsiao-hsienTaiwan4Deceptive simplicity, tremendous direction and fabulous images, getting down to the essence of life in Taiwan.Dust in the Wind
Your Name2016Makoto ShinkaiJapan3Good, but too busy. I prefer The Garden of Words.Your Name
Top Gun1986Tony ScottUnited States3The danger zone between cinema and music video can occasionally take your breath away.Top Gun
Personal Shopper2016Olivier AssayasFrance3The void isn’t concerned about us, but we are anxious about the void, because we are preoccupied with what’s beyond our unsatisfactory world.Personal Shopper
Ghost in the Shell2017Rupert SandersUnited States5Corporations domesticate free spirit and stick it into a machine, supposedly for our own collective good. Tremendous, brilliant remake. Full review.Ghost in the Shell
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter2016Paul W.S. AndersonGermany4 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
The Wolverine2013James MangoldUnited States3 The Wolverine
Logan2017James MangoldUnited States3A visceral Xperience about a salad chef with nothing to lose, anticipating the spin-off about one of the nameless mercenaries who risked everything.Logan
Captain Phillips2013Paul GreengrassUnited States3 Captain Phillips
River of Exploding Durians2014Edmund YeoMalaysia4 River of Exploding Durians
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World2010Edgar WrightUnited States4 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back1980Irvin KershnerUnited States5 Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children2016Tim BurtonUnited Kingdom4 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Sicario2015Denis VilleneuveUnited States4After transcending the genre with Prisoners, Villeneuve does it again. A boring premise is turned into a chilling masterpiece. What would he do with an alien invasion film?Sicario
American Pastoral2016Ewan McGregorUnited States3It’s OK, but it’s not Waking the Dead.American Pastoral
Salvador1986Oliver StoneUnited States4 Salvador
Now You See Me2013Louis LeterrierUnited States3Not sure if cinema is Charlatanism or Shamanism.Now You See Me
The New World2005Terrence MalickUnited States5The Malick PinnacleThe New World
Torque2004Joseph KahnUnited States4Pop mattersTorque
Drag Me to Hell2009Sam RaimiUnited States4 Drag Me to Hell
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi2016Michael BayUnited States4 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
Beginners2010Mike MillsUnited States3 Beginners
Happy-Go-Lucky2008Mike LeighUnited Kingdom4 Happy-Go-Lucky
Crossing Over2009Wayne KramerUnited States3 Crossing Over
The Driver1978Walter HillUnited States4“…”The Driver
Lion Standing Against The Wind2015Takashi MiikeJapan4 Lion Standing Against The Wind
Joint Security Area2000Park Chan-wookSouth Korea4Quintessential Korean military melodrama with superior cinematic craftsmanship.Joint Security Area
The Revenant2015Alejandro González IñárrituUnited States2Making a half-spiritual film is worse than a spiritless one. Pasting Malick/Tarkovsky images over conventional dramaturgy and storytelling. The Grey is still a daring masterpiece.The Revenant
Macbeth2015Justin KurzelUnited Kingdom4Killer soundtrackMacbeth
When Marnie Was There2014Hiromasa YonebayashiJapan4Wait for the twistWhen Marnie Was There
Youth2015Paolo SorrentinoItaly2If this cute-at-best film is today’s , I want the 1960s back.Youth
Bridge of Spies2015Steven SpielbergUnited States3The cold dark road downwards from Munich to this OK talkie.Bridge of Spies
Face Down2015Kamen KalevBelgium3The ghetto landscape as a tapestry of misery.Face Down
3 Days to Kill2014McGUnited States3Almost like a Jonathan Demme picture3 Days to Kill
Terminator: Genisys2015Alan TaylorUnited States2Now every human and every machine dreams this had been directed by Paul Verhoeven.Terminator: Genisys
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.2015Guy RitchieUnited Kingdom3How amusing: the third face of masculinity is… a woman.The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
The Crossing : Part I2014John WooChina1An artist who influenced an industry 25 years ago, is completely transformed by today’s industry. Toothless, boring and meaningless. The house always wins.The Crossing : Part I
Mad Max: Fury Road2015George MillerAustralia4 Mad Max: Fury Road
Black Coal, Thin Ice2014Diao Yi’nanChina5 Black Coal, Thin Ice
Like Father, Like Son2013Hirokazu KoreedaJapan4Kore-eda’s excellent crowd pleaser is the polar opposite of his mood pieces like Maborosi.Like Father, Like Son
Queen and Country2014John BoormanUnited Kingdom3Good old-fashioned tale with touching humanism and fairy-tale feel. Not as great as The Tiger’s Tale though.Queen and Country
Fury2014David AyerUnited Kingdom2Oh Fury, where were you when I was 11?Fury
Horrible Bosses2011Seth GordonUnited States2The destruction of contemporary family starts in the office.Horrible Bosses
Clouds of Sils Maria2014Olivier AssayasFrance2Honest title: Nervousness, Confusion and Drunk Women.Clouds of Sils Maria
Lucy2014Luc BessonFrance3 Lucy
The Devil Wears Prada2006David FrankelUnited States1WTF is this shit? I need to watch some John Carpenter now.The Devil Wears Prada
The Unknown Known2013Errol MorrisUnited States4 The Unknown Known
Sanctum2011Alister GriersonUnited States3Nice one if a little hollow.Sanctum
The World’s End2013Edgar WrightUnited Kingdom4Best almost-great pop-cinema in a long time. The joke obsession and glamorous makeup/lighting weaken its mighty social/humanist punch, but it shines otherwise. A fun trip and more.The World's End
Like Someone in Love2012Abbas KiarostamiJapan4Mise-en-scene as a map of personal spaces, their trajectories and intersections.Like Someone in Love
Into the Blue2005John StockwellUnited States4Unapologetic b-movie perfection.Into the Blue
Fast Five2011Justin LinUnited States4Momentous action-cinema insanity that brakes for nothing. High fives all around.Fast Five
16 Blocks2006Richard DonnerUnited States4A breathless crafty police corruption action-drama, worthy of Sidney Lumet.16 Blocks
Source Code2011Duncan JonesUnited States5A fascinating meditation on Plato’s Republic, Solipsism and military brainwashing. Compelling from start to finish. Full review.Source Code
Norwegian Wood2010Trần Anh HùngJapan2“In the Wood for Love” tries to paint people’s inner world and emotions with outside environment and nature… with variable success.Norwegian Wood
Certified Copy2010Abbas KiarostamiFrance5A delightfully incomprehensible, existentially confounding and beautifully staged celebration of connected lives.Certified Copy
Air Doll2009Hirokazu KoreedaJapan1A rare misfire by the great director. Later he managed to balance edginess better with Shoplifters.Air Doll
Red2010Robert SchwentkeUnited States4 Red
The Men Who Stare at Goats2009Grant HeslovUnited Kingdom1Very poor. Nothing to see here…The Men Who Stare at Goats
Network1976Sidney LumetUnited States5 Network
Anonymous2011Roland EmmerichGermany3 Anonymous
The Last Flight2009Karim DridiFrance4 The Last Flight
The Island2011Kamen KalevBulgaria4Official Facebook: Island
Please Teach Me English2003Kim Sung-suSouth Korea4 Please Teach Me English
Together2002Chen KaigeChina5 Together
Mr. Nobody2009Jaco van DormaelCanada5A beautiful, emotional and intelligent Sci-Fi masterpiece, which matches the greatest genre titles. Please stop complaining that they don’t do them like that anymore and watch this gem.Mr. Nobody
Crossing Hennessy2010Ivy HoHong Kong2Avoid Crossing Hennessy and rather stay in Sha Tin, where the previous and great Ivy Ho film, Claustrophobia, takes place.Crossing Hennessy
The Beautiful Country2004Hans Petter MolandUnited States5 The Beautiful Country
Das Boot1981Wolfgang PetersenWest Germany5 Das Boot
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery1997Jay RoachUnited States5 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Dark Water2002Hideo NakataJapan5 Dark Water
The Good Thief2002Neil JordanUnited Kingdom5 The Good Thief
Gamer2009Mark Neveldine, Brian TaylorUnited States5Gamer has great skills and is more relevant than reputable films, restoring the glory of B-movies.Gamer
The Last Samurai2003Edward ZwickUnited States4 The Last Samurai
Glasses2007Naoko OgigamiJapan5 Glasses
Tron: Legacy2010Joseph KosinskiUnited States4 Tron: Legacy
Heaven2002Tom TykwerItaly5 Heaven
Zhou Yu’s Train2002Sun ZhouHong Kong5If you love Gong Li, you need to watch this now! It’s wonderful beyond words. Widely available on DVD.Zhou Yu's Train
The Bridge on the River Kwai1957David LeanUnited Kingdom5 The Bridge on the River Kwai
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom1984Steven SpielbergUnited States5A drugged father figure turns against his family. Temptation leads to the depths of depravity. A once careless adventurer discovers emphatic responsibility. Whip anyone who tries to convince you this is simple mindless entertainment!Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Happy Times2000Zhang YimouChina5When I grow up, I’ll explain how great this is. It’s an incredible and indescribable fusion of cinema, reality and tough love.Happy Times
Equilibrium2002Kurt WimmerUnited States2 Equilibrium
Raising Cain1992Brian De PalmaUnited States5 Raising Cain
After This Our Exile2006Patrick TamHong Kong5wonderful film. please fix the 2 entries for its cinematographer. he’s the same as this one: This Our Exile
Perhaps Love2005Peter Ho-Sun ChanChina5 Perhaps Love
Pulse2001Kiyoshi KurosawaJapan5 Pulse
Carlos2010Olivier AssayasFrance5 Carlos
The Shanghai Gesture1941Josef von SternbergUnited States5 The Shanghai Gesture
Carlito’s Way1993Brian De PalmaUnited States5What can I say? It’s Carlito, man, a straight-up guy, like you and me.
Unsurpassed poetic/existential/crime drama cranks up the suspense and makes us believe in an impossible deliverance and escape to paradise. During one of the greatest endings in cinema history.
Carlito's Way
Not One Less1999Zhang YimouChina5Too great to put into words, but it seems pretty unknown so check it out if you have the chance. Emotional Italian neo-realism.Not One Less
Body Double1984Brian De PalmaUnited States5I dreamt I was explaining to somebody how great Body Double is. Fitting, as It’s all about the subconscious.Body Double
CQ2001Roman CoppolaLuxembourg5 CQ
Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore1974Martin ScorseseUnited States5 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Rocky1976John G. AvildsenUnited States5 Rocky
Showgirls1995Paul VerhoevenUnited States5 Showgirls
Dances with Wolves1990Kevin CostnerUnited States5 Dances with Wolves
Lost in Translation2003Sofia CoppolaUnited States1 Lost in Translation
Rhapsody in August1991Akira KurosawaJapan5 Rhapsody in August
Eternity and a Day1998Theodoros AngelopoulosGreece5 Eternity and a Day
Terminator 2: Judgment Day1991James CameronUnited States5 Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Big Trouble in Little China1986John CarpenterUnited States5The ultimate kick-ass action comedy asks why are Americans so arrogant and clueless when they are so new and are stomping on millenia of history/culture they don’t understand. What the hell.Big Trouble in Little China
Casino Royale2006Martin CampbellUnited Kingdom5 Casino Royale
Fearless2006Ronny YuHong Kong5Flawless.Fearless
Frenzy1972Alfred HitchcockUnited Kingdom5 Frenzy
The Scent of Green Papaya1993Trần Anh HùngVietnam5 The Scent of Green Papaya
Rachel Getting Married2008Jonathan DemmeUnited States5Great contemporary masterpiece by a genius director.Rachel Getting Married
The Good, the Bad, the Weird2008Kim Jee-woonSouth Korea5What cinema was invented for. One incredible set piece after another make this a tour-de-force action-adventure. A glorious and unforgettable experience.The Good, the Bad, the Weird
Witness for the Prosecution1957Billy WilderUnited States5 Witness for the Prosecution
The Trial1962Orson WellesFrance5 The Trial
And the Ship Sails On1983Federico FelliniItaly5 And the Ship Sails On
The Story of Qiu Ju1992Zhang YimouHong Kong4 The Story of Qiu Ju
House of Flying Daggers2004Zhang YimouChina4 House of Flying Daggers
Infernal Affairs III2003Alan Mak, Andrew Lau Wai-keungChina5 Infernal Affairs III
The Banishment2007Andrey ZvyagintsevRussia5 The Banishment
Children of Heaven1997Majid MajidiIran5 Children of Heaven
The Iron Giant1999Brad BirdUnited States5 The Iron Giant
The Butcher Boy1997Neil JordanUnited States5 The Butcher Boy
Palermo Shooting2008Wim WendersGermany5 Palermo Shooting
The Player1992Robert AltmanUnited States5 The Player
The Sheltering Sky1990Bernardo BertolucciUnited Kingdom5 The Sheltering Sky
3 Women1977Robert AltmanUnited States5 3 Women
The Hudsucker Proxy1994Joel CoenUnited Kingdom5 The Hudsucker Proxy
Burn After Reading2008Joel Coen, Ethan CoenUnited States5 Burn After Reading
Woman Is the Future of Man2004Hong Sang-sooSouth Korea5 Woman Is the Future of Man
Edward Scissorhands1990Tim BurtonUnited States4 Edward Scissorhands
Only Yesterday1991Isao TakahataJapan5 Only Yesterday
Millennium Mambo2001Hou Hsiao-hsienTaiwan5 Millennium Mambo
The Passenger1975Michelangelo AntonioniItaly5Modern man looking for salvation, or the meaning of life, in all the wrong places. When identity is broken and there is no connection to _why_ you really are, life is nothing but a long struggle to escape. The soul ultimately breaks through the bars of the body and merges with the outside world. A cosmic existential thriller.The Passenger
Dressed to Kill1980Brian De PalmaUnited States5the best psycho-thriller of all time shows people hidden in the city, wandering through streets, gender identification, life and death. uncompromising, tour de force cinema from start to finish.Dressed to Kill
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial1982Steven SpielbergUnited States5 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
Schindler’s List1993Steven SpielbergUnited States5 Schindler's List
Raiders of the Lost Ark1981Steven SpielbergUnited States5That’s dedicationRaiders of the Lost Ark
Il grido1957Michelangelo AntonioniItaly5 Il grido
Tokyo Drifter1966Seijun SuzukiJapan5 Tokyo Drifter
Peppermint Candy1999Lee Chang-dongSouth Korea5 Peppermint Candy
Homework1989Abbas KiarostamiIran5 Homework
The Wind Will Carry Us1999Abbas KiarostamiIran5 The Wind Will Carry Us
Bitter Moon1992Roman PolanskiUnited Kingdom5 Bitter Moon
Ashes of Time Redux2008Wong Kar WaiHong Kong5 Ashes of Time Redux
CJ72008Stephen ChowHong Kong5the ultimate film about dreams.CJ7
Broken Embraces2009Pedro AlmodóvarSpain5 Broken Embraces
12 Monkeys1995Terry GilliamUnited States5 12 Monkeys
Cyclo1995Trần Anh HùngVietnam5 Cyclo
The Tiger’s Tail2006John BoormanIreland5This is how the Irish feel the whole Denial/Financial Assimilation/Acceptance. A GREAT film by the legendary John Boorman.The Tiger's Tail
Boarding Gate2007Olivier AssayasFrance4 Boarding Gate
Casino1995Martin ScorseseUnited States5 Casino
Crash1996David CronenbergCanada5 Crash
Collateral2004Michael MannUnited States4 Collateral
A.I. Artificial Intelligence2001Steven SpielbergUnited States5i am… i was.
it’s not what we are called – human – only by name or symbols, it’s what we do and feel that defines us. one of the greatest, a timeless philosophical examination/critique of human nature.
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Munich2005Steven SpielbergUnited States5The world is one big dysfunctional family.Munich
After Life1998Hirokazu KoreedaJapan5 After Life
Little Dieter Needs to Fly1997Werner HerzogUnited Kingdom5 Little Dieter Needs to Fly
Shanghai Express1932Josef von SternbergUnited States5 Shanghai Express
Videodrome1983David CronenbergCanada5 Videodrome
Tropical Malady2004Apichatpong WeerasethakulThailand5 Tropical Malady
Taxi Driver1976Martin ScorseseUnited States5 Taxi Driver
Syndromes and a Century2006Apichatpong WeerasethakulThailand5 Syndromes and a Century
Still Life2006Jia ZhangkeChina5 Still Life
Sisters1972Brian De PalmaUnited States5 Sisters
The Shining1980Stanley KubrickUnited States5 The Shining
The Science of Sleep2006Michel GondryFrance5 The Science of Sleep
Sanjuro1962Akira KurosawaJapan5 Sanjuro
Rosemary’s Baby1968Roman PolanskiUnited States5 Rosemary's Baby
The Return2003Andrey ZvyagintsevRussia5 The Return
Rashōmon1950Akira KurosawaJapan5 Rashômon
Persona1966Ingmar BergmanSweden5 Persona
Once Upon a Time in the West1968Sergio LeoneItaly5 Once Upon a Time in the West
La notte1961Michelangelo AntonioniItaly5Two imperfect souls do not make a healthy one. Night and day, satisfaction and distraction change places forever.La notte
Napoleon Dynamite2004Jared HessUnited States5 Napoleon Dynamite
Mulholland Drive2001David LynchUnited States5 Mulholland Drive
Mon oncle1958Jacques TatiFrance5 Mon oncle
L’avventura1960Michelangelo AntonioniItaly5 L'avventura
The Last Emperor1987Bernardo BertolucciChina5 The Last Emperor
Kikujiro1999Takeshi KitanoJapan5 Kikujiro
Infernal Affairs2002Andrew Lau Wai-keung, Alan MakHong Kong5 Infernal Affairs
In the Mood for Love2000Wong Kar WaiHong Kong5 In the Mood for Love
Hero2002Zhang YimouChina5 Hero
Fireworks1997Takeshi KitanoJapan5 Fireworks
Grave of the Fireflies1988Isao TakahataJapan5 Grave of the Fireflies
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence2004Mamoru OshiiJapan5 Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
Flight of the Red Balloon2007Hou Hsiao-hsienFrance5 Flight of the Red Balloon
Eyes Wide Shut1999Stanley KubrickUnited States5 Eyes Wide Shut
Double Indemnity1944Billy WilderUnited States5 Double Indemnity
Chungking Express1994Wong Kar WaiHong Kong5 Chungking Express
Café Lumière2003Hou Hsiao-hsienJapan5Internalisation Station, where the characters’ drama and conflicts simmer deep inside and never surface, like most of their society, which continues moving on track no matter what. Best foreigner film in Japan and an antidote to that crime against humanity called Lost in Translation.Café Lumière
Three Colors: Blue1993Krzysztof KieślowskiFrance5 Three Colors: Blue
Blade Runner1982Ridley ScottUnited States5 Blade Runner
Barry Lyndon1975Stanley KubrickUnited Kingdom5 Barry Lyndon
The Flash2023Andy MuschiettiUnited States3What’s the point? Occasional pleasing visual wit can’t overcome genre fatigue and fails to recapture lightning in a bottle.The Flash
Asteroid City2023Wes AndersonUnited States4creativity → spirituality ← creation
A delightful rediscovery of the beauty, truth and optimism in the world, both real and imagined, which exposes the BS of today’s ultra dark cynical culture
Asteroid City
The Big Country1958William WylerUnited States5McQ brought me hereThe Big Country
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off1986John HughesUnited States2I don’t get itFerris Bueller's Day Off
Apollo 131995Ron HowardUnited States3A super production of an emotional buttons pusher that is more interested in pushing physical buttons. Glossing over the drama potential and barely suspenseful. James Horner embarrassing again.Apollo 13
Memoria2021Apichatpong WeerasethakulColombia3Well…Memoria
West Side Story2021Steven SpielbergUnited States3It’s OK. Distractingly aggressive lighting. Fantastic end credits.West Side Story
Prey2022Dan TrachtenbergUnited States3Terry Malick’s Predator is a refreshing and entertaining take on familiar tropes.Prey
The Dark Knight2008Christopher NolanUnited States1An inane exploitation of people’s fascination with darkness, ridiculously trying to make Batman grounded, while having no insight into politics or humanity or anything at all. As unfunny as irrelevant. (Nolan got better afterwards, though)The Dark Knight
No Time to Die2021Cary Joji FukunagaUnited Kingdom2So, so average. Next to zero humour (provides exactly one short chuckle). Drains the fun out of the series. O tempora, o mores!No Time to Die
Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy2021Ryusuke HamaguchiJapan4 Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy
Nobody2021Ilya NaishullerUnited States2An entertaining showcase of everything wrong with the streaming era: ugly, derivative, smug, cynical, meaningless.Nobody
Dr. Brain2021Kim Jee-woonSouth Korea4Apple: We want a mind-bending Rashomon with epic scope, bonkers concept, stunning presentation, gorgeous actors, lots of thrills and more than a little Satoshi Kon.
Kim Jee-woon: Say no more!
Dr. Brain
Planes, Trains & Automobiles1987John HughesUnited States3 Planes, Trains & Automobiles
The Foreigner2017Martin CampbellUnited Kingdom4 The Foreigner
Old2021M. Night ShyamalanUnited States2Seems quickly scribbled while on vacation. OK but far from his best. So much potential wasted in editing so fast there is hardly a second left to let the implications sink in.Old
Army of the Dead2021Zack SnyderUnited States4Cynicism is a one way road to self destruction. Netflix is cynical. And Zack Snyder knows it. That’s what makes Army of the Dead so scary.Army of the Dead
Three Crowns of the Sailor1983Raúl RuizFrance2Couldn’t stomach it past the middle. Constant contradicting confessions, ugly primary colours and the voiceover rarely shuts up. Occasional interesting deep focus compositions. Time Regained it ain’t.Three Crowns of the Sailor
La Cupola2016Volker SattelGermany5Brilliant documentary about Antonioni’s seaside villa. Architecture and cinema fans should stream it now. Mubi too.La Cupola
An Officer and a Spy2019Roman PolanskiFrance4 An Officer and a Spy
Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds2020Werner Herzog, Clive OppenheimerUnited Kingdom3The good parts (obsessed characters) are some of the best documentary footage ever filmed, but the ending left me hanging.Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds
Sherlock Holmes2009Guy RitchieUnited States4 Sherlock Holmes
The Gentlemen2020Guy RitchieUnited Kingdom4This entertaining Rashomon-like examination of masculinity exposes and makes fun of its good, bad and ugly aspects, consistent with the criminally underrated The Man from U.N.C.L.E.The Gentlemen
Coup 532019Taghi AmiraniUnited Kingdom4A most engrossing documentary about one of the key events of the 20th century. Check it out.Coup 53
The Truth2019Hirokazu KoreedaFrance3Better than Sils Maria, short of Summer Hours.The Truth
Pain and Glory2019Pedro AlmodóvarSpain4Best film about an ageing gay junkie artist ever?Pain and Glory
Parasite2019Bong Joon HoSouth Korea1A super-slick yet superficial production that lacks any trace of humanity and has total contempt for all its characters. Don’t believe the hype and watch Elena and The Quiet Family instead. Or Kiarostami’s Close-Up. Or Zhang Yimou’s Shadow. Or Kore-eda’s ShopliftersFull review.Parasite
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker2019J.J. AbramsUnited States3Can’t hate a film with extreme yachting. A mildly entertaining creative capitulation.Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Suzhou River2000Lou YeChina4 Suzhou River
Rambo: Last Blood2019Adrian GrunbergUnited States3This is average, but I want you to know that Kim Jee-woon’s The Last Stand is the best old action hero film by far. Imagine a Rambo by the director of I Saw the Devil…!Rambo: Last Blood
Long Shot2019Jonathan LevineUnited States3Poor cinematography notwithstanding, it successfully transitions from a forced comedy with 2 or 3 laughs into an okay if formulaic romance drama. As the title says…Long Shot
Greta2018Neil JordanUnited States1The real mystery is how this script went into production. Some interesting ideas about aristocracy are wasted in a failure on every level. Should have been a comedy.Greta
The Yakuza1974Sydney PollackUnited States4 The Yakuza
The 9th Life of Louis Drax2016Alexandre AjaCanada4Best De Palma film since Femme Fatale. High level expressionistic mastery with a great respect for the pure mystery genre.The 9th Life of Louis Drax
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back2016Edward ZwickUnited States1Couldn’t believe the bad reviews, but now I do. What an incredible embarrassment. Everything here is wrong, including sound.Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Shoplifters2018Hirokazu KoreedaJapan4Kore-eda veterans will be startled by the dark turns, all will be seduced by the smooth editing and story development and a bit more careful with the people around us.Shoplifters
Alita: Battle Angel2019Robert RodriguezUnited States4Needs 20′ more or less but the dark ending is earned, because few things are as tragic as corrupted optimism.Alita: Battle Angel
Glass2019M. Night ShyamalanUnited States4Night pushed himself towards the impossible, a trilogy that doesn’t suck, to inspire us all.Glass
The Nun2018Corin HardyUnited States3A slick theme park ride where you get your money’s worth of scares – nothing more, nothing less.The Nun
Indochine1992Régis WargnierFrance4 Indochine
Hanna2011Joe WrightUnited Kingdom3 Hanna
Solo: A Star Wars Story2018Ron HowardUnited States3Get on board, this is the good, fun one, finally.Solo: A Star Wars Story
Black Panther2018Ryan CooglerUnited States3Colonialism is not an issue, third world people are their own worst enemy and the CIA is your friend HAHAHABlack Panther
Ready Player One2018Steven SpielbergUnited States4Surprisingly adequate Alan Silverstri with a little help from a few pop songs. Full review.Ready Player One
Downsizing2017Alexander PayneUnited States2OverreachingDownsizing
Justice League (Whedon Cut)2017Joss Whedon, Zack SnyderUnited States3Not bad. The usual Snyder vision is a little watered down here, but it still has enough eye-popping compositions, clearly defined moving parts and slow motion goodness to please this viewer. Interesting unpretentious characterization too.Justice League (Whedon Cut)
In My Country2004John BoormanUnited Kingdom4 In My Country
Journey to the Shore2015Kiyoshi KurosawaJapan4KK still going strong. He takes a tired premise and imbues it with gentle humanity in wonderful compositions. A companion piece to Kore-eda’s Afterlife.Journey to the Shore
Star Wars: The Last Jedi2017Rian JohnsonUnited States1A lot of Star Wars here, but the original elevator scene in Return of the Jedi alone is better than the whole The Last Jedi.Star Wars: The Last Jedi
CHiPs2017Dax ShepardUnited States2GTA5 DLCCHiPs
Atomic Blonde2017David LeitchUnited States2Woeful on so many levels. See Black Book again instead.Atomic Blonde
The November Man2014Roger DonaldsonUnited States3 The November Man
Baby Driver2017Edgar WrightUnited Kingdom2Relive the bad old days when everybody had to be like Tarantino. Half of this is an unsettling ugly loud cacophony. Sadly it has nothing to do with the elegance and simplicity of The Driver.Baby Driver
Hacksaw Ridge2016Mel GibsonUnited States3Couldn’t serve in the administration?Hacksaw Ridge
Patriots Day2016Peter BergUnited States3 Patriots Day
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 22017James GunnUnited States3My God, it’s full of colours!Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Silence2016Martin ScorseseUnited States3The voiceover could use some silencing.Silence
The Fate of the Furious2017F. Gary GrayUnited States3Brian Tyler on point.The Fate of the Furious
X-Men Origins: Wolverine2009Gavin HoodUnited States3Can’t believe the popular backlash. This one has the best character development of all Wolverine films and the most imaginative and fun action scenes.X-Men Origins: Wolverine
The Garden of Words2013Makoto ShinkaiJapan3This notable Club 27 (years old woman), after Only Yesterday, looks like an anime directed by Tran Anh Hung, because of the elements playing a leading part.The Garden of Words
Transcendence2014Wally PfisterUnited States3 Transcendence
Loom 2012Luke ScottUnited States3 Loom
T2: Trainspotting2017Danny BoyleUnited Kingdom4Not bad, not bad at all. Well done lads.T2: Trainspotting
Split2016M. Night ShyamalanUnited States4Superior craftsmanship kept dozens of wild teenagers focused and quiet in the cinema for 2 hours.Split
David Bowie: The Last Five Years2017Francis WhatelyUnited Kingdom4 David Bowie: The Last Five Years
Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi 1983Richard MarquandUnited States5 Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
Allied2016Robert ZemeckisUnited States3It’s OK. A little too PC feminist, a little too serious during ridiculous passages. Black Book it ain’t.Allied
Arrival2016Denis VilleneuveUnited States5The true meaning of peace, inner or outer, is feeling no anger or regret towards the world and your life and accepting them as they are.Arrival
Pompeii2014Paul W.S. AndersonCanada3 Pompeii
Our Kind of Traitor2016Susanna WhiteUnited Kingdom3Why did it remind me of The Conformist?Our Kind of Traitor
Sully2016Clint EastwoodUnited States4 Sully
De Palma2015Noah Baumbach, Jake PaltrowUnited States4 De Palma
A Hologram For The King2015Tom TykwerUnited Kingdom3Tykwer does an uncynical AssayasA Hologram For The King
The Millionaire Tour2012Inon ShampanierUnited States3 The Millionaire Tour
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice2016Zack SnyderUnited States3 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Letter from an Unknown Woman1948Max OphülsUnited States5 Letter from an Unknown Woman
Hail, Caesar!2016Ethan Coen, Joel CoenUnited States1A creepy and out of tune ode to HollywoodHail, Caesar!
Running Scared2006Wayne KramerUnited States4 Running Scared
Point Break2015Ericson CoreUnited States3I like the Point Break remake, so sue me. It’s different enough, keeps the attention and the very long stunts have a documentary quality.Point Break
Our Little Sister2015Hirokazu KoreedaJapan4 Our Little Sister
Black Swan2010Darren AronofskyUnited States3Aronofsky is a bigger Perfect Blue fan than you.Black Swan
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre1948John HustonUnited States4 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Creed2015Ryan CooglerUnited States4Knockout dramaturgy under extremely confident direction.Creed
The Martian2015Ridley ScottUnited States4Masterclass in pacing.The Martian
The Tailor of Panama2001John BoormanUnited States4 The Tailor of Panama
Hot Pursuit2015Anne FletcherUnited States4Finally the truth about minibars.Hot Pursuit
The Assassin2015Hou Hsiao-hsienTaiwan5This is the reason cinema is more than photography and drama. Bow to the great masters Hou Hsiao Hsien and Mark Lee Ping Bin.The Assassin
Coming Home2014Zhang YimouChina3Leaky eyes, earned smiles.Coming Home
Self/less2015Tarsem SinghUnited States3Tarsem goes a little Shyamalan in a nice Starman remake with more chases.Self/less
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation2015Christopher McQuarrieUnited States4Just: For – FunMission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
Jurassic World2015Colin TrevorrowUnited States2 Jurassic World
The Wolf of Wall Street2013Martin ScorseseUnited States3Cinematography was perfect: classical glamour without the flaws of old times’ lighting. Finally something good to come out of the Mexican wave.The Wolf of Wall Street
Arbitrage2012Nicholas JareckiUnited States3Good, but please understand how the b-movie Armored surpasses it in honesty and social/moral awareness.Arbitrage
Wild2014Jean-Marc ValléeUnited States2Wildly middle-of-the-road.Wild
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World2003Peter WeirUnited States4Raw, linear, uncomplicated, authentic – a breath of fresh air.Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
The Imitation Game2014Morten TyldumUnited States4More than a simple outsider biopic, this is a story about stories and their huge influence over people’s fates. Full review.The Imitation Game
Exodus: Gods and Kings2014Ridley ScottUnited Kingdom3Careful when exploring the boundaries of humanity, because outside there is only horror and coldness.Exodus: Gods and Kings
Conspiracy Theory1997Richard DonnerUnited States3Alice through the Looking GlassConspiracy Theory
Maleficent2014Robert StrombergUnited States3Secretly wants to be Giallo.Maleficent
Jack Reacher2012Christopher McQuarrieUnited States4 Jack Reacher
Grand Piano 2013Eugenio MiraSpain1The many false notes in filmmaking completely crash the nice idea.Grand Piano
Dallas Buyers Club2013Jean-Marc ValléeUnited States4Impressive use of natural lighting.Dallas Buyers Club
Drug War2012Johnnie ToHong Kong51972: No, really, the Mafia has integrity.
2012: No, really, the government has integrity.
Drug War
Snow White and the Huntsman2012Rupert SandersUnited States3Feminist androgyny defeats female vanity.Snow White and the Huntsman
Out of Time2003Carl FranklinUnited States4100% pure suspense.Out of Time
Avé2011Konstantin BojanovBulgaria3Mumblecore of misery.Avé
The Grandmaster2013Wong Kar WaiHong Kong3It’s OK I guess, but dwarfed by the earlier Ashes of Time.The Grandmaster
I Saw the Devil2010Kim Jee-woonSouth Korea5Full review.I Saw the Devil
Strip Search2004Sidney LumetUnited States5Best post-9/11 film ever. Check it out.Strip Search
Kingdom of Heaven2005Ridley ScottSpain5It washes away the shame of Gladiator and redeems its director. Excellent brisk filmmaking with outstanding smooth editing.Kingdom of Heaven
Babel2006Alejandro González IñárrituUnited States1Drivel.Babel
Swimming to Cambodia1987Jonathan DemmeUnited States4 Swimming to Cambodia
The Chaser2008Na Hong-jinSouth Korea5 The Chaser
The Day the Earth Stood Still2008Scott DerricksonUnited States1Bullshit. Shinkansen would never break down.The Day the Earth Stood Still
Druids2001Jacques DorfmannFrance1 Druids
The Grey2011Joe CarnahanUnited States5This is perfect: commercial art cinema shows its teeth. Brilliant all the way. And how about that ending!The Grey
Memoirs of a Geisha2005Rob MarshallUnited States2 Memoirs of a Geisha
Beyond Rangoon1995John BoormanUnited Kingdom5A beautiful, heart-pounding drama-adventure about the nature of heroism that goes beyond all expectations. Another delicate Boorman masterpiece.Beyond Rangoon
I Love You2002Zhang YuanChina5This profound study of the uncharted psychological territory between romance and madness would make Bergman proud.I Love You
Happy Feet2006George Miller & 2 moreUnited States5The Lawrence of Arabia of animated adventures.Happy Feet
The Diamond Arm1968Leonid GaidaiSoviet Union5 The Diamond Arm
The Terminal2004Steven SpielbergUnited States4Nobody read the sign in AmericaThe Terminal
Dog Day Afternoon1975Sidney LumetUnited States5 Dog Day Afternoon
This Charming Girl2004Lee Yoon-kiSouth Korea5 This Charming Girl
Mystery Men1999Kinka UsherUnited States5The only superhero film you’ll ever need.Mystery Men
Breakfast on Pluto2005Neil JordanUnited Kingdom5 Breakfast on Pluto
Unleashed2005Louis LeterrierUnited States5 Unleashed
Ju Dou1990Zhang Yimou, Yang FengliangChina5Ju Dou is a miracle of a film that can’t be put into words.Ju Dou
Quintet1979Robert AltmanUnited States5 Quintet
HaHaHa2010Hong Sang-sooSouth Korea5 HaHaHa
Taken2008Pierre MorelFrance5Pro-active action-thriller blasts the hypocrisy of political correctness, enlightens more than most social documentaries, saves the bruised genre.Taken
Vincent & Theo1990Robert AltmanGermany5 Vincent & Theo
Exit Through the Gift Shop2010BanksyUnited States5Ha, a new F for Fake! Brilliant.Exit Through the Gift Shop
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade1989Steven SpielbergUnited States5 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Kramer vs. Kramer1979Robert BentonUnited States5 Kramer vs. Kramer
Hot Fuzz2007Edgar WrightUnited Kingdom5absolutely epic action-comedyHot Fuzz
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory2005Tim BurtonUnited Kingdom5 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Planet of the Apes2001Tim BurtonUnited States5The point is that history is written by the brutally powerful and naive heroes only run around doomed, until the same truth is realised again and again.Planet of the Apes
Besieged1998Bernardo BertolucciItaly5Sadly mislabeled as minor Bertolucci film, this rousing masterpiece outdoes Wong Kar-wai.Besieged
Blue Gate Crossing2002Yee Chih-yenTaiwan5Everyday poetry carried on the breeze by the bicycle, in the cosy warm neighbourhood evening and on the zen blue-green beach.Blue Gate Crossing
Waking the Dead2000Keith GordonUnited States5 Waking the Dead
Nothing But the Truth2008Rod LurieUnited States5 Nothing But the Truth
Mission: Impossible1996Brian De PalmaUnited States5O_OMission: Impossible
Hamlet1996Kenneth BranaghUnited Kingdom1 Hamlet
Casualties of War1989Brian De PalmaUnited States5 Casualties of War
In Which We Serve1942David Lean, Noël CowardUnited Kingdom5 In Which We Serve
The King of Comedy1982Martin ScorseseUnited States5 The King of Comedy
Duel1971Steven SpielbergUnited States5 Duel
Gladiator2000Ridley ScottUnited States1 Gladiator
Avatar2009James CameronUnited States5 Avatar
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring2003Kim Ki-dukSouth Korea5 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring
Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles2005Yasuo Furuhata, Zhang YimouChina5 Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles
Akira1988Katsuhiro ÔtomoJapan5It’s a blast and as great as ever.Akira
Titanic1997James CameronUnited States5 Titanic
They Live1988John CarpenterUnited States5an eye opening masterpiece by the Master that is incredibly relevant today. a rare politically minded film (expertly masked as a b-movie) that hits hard right on target. don’t believe the hype and fight the power!They Live
Total Recall1990Paul VerhoevenUnited States5 Total Recall
The Tenant1976Roman PolanskiFrance5 The Tenant
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington1939Frank CapraUnited States5 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
The Vertical Ray of the Sun2000Trần Anh HùngVietnam5 The Vertical Ray of the Sun
Tokyo Fist1995Shin’ya TsukamotoJapan5 Tokyo Fist
The Maltese Falcon1941John HustonUnited States5 The Maltese Falcon
The Apartment1960Billy WilderUnited States5 The Apartment
1963Federico FelliniItaly5 8½
Days of Being Wild1990Wong Kar WaiHong Kong5 Days of Being Wild
Shanghai Triad1995Zhang YimouChina5the pinnacle of form-as-story filmmaking. it doesn’t get any better than this.Shanghai Triad
Curse of the Golden Flower2006Zhang YimouChina4 Curse of the Golden Flower
Red Cliff2008John WooChina5 Red Cliff
Andrei Rublev1966Andrei TarkovskySoviet Union5 Andrei Rublev
The Thing1982John CarpenterUnited States5 The Thing
The Dead Zone1983David CronenbergUnited States5 The Dead Zone
Tokyo-Ga1985Wim WendersWest Germany3 Tokyo-Ga
M*A*S*H1970Robert AltmanUnited States5 M*A*S*H
A Prairie Home Companion2006Robert AltmanUnited States5 A Prairie Home Companion
The Dreamers2003Bernardo BertolucciFrance5 The Dreamers
Barton Fink1991Ethan Coen, Joel CoenUnited States5 Barton Fink
Intolerable Cruelty2003Joel CoenUnited States2 Intolerable Cruelty
Woman on the Beach2006Hong Sang-sooSouth Korea5 Woman on the Beach
Tale of Cinema2005Hong Sang-sooSouth Korea5 Tale of Cinema
The Nightmare Before Christmas1993Henry SelickUnited States5 The Nightmare Before Christmas
Ponyo2008Hayao MiyazakiJapan5 Ponyo
Red Desert1964Michelangelo AntonioniItaly5Antonioni’s vision doesn’t condemn or vindicate the features of modern life. Industrialisation and urbanisation are not simply themes or issues, they are the world the way it is here now. Human condition is something that just is and it happens to be intertwined with our everyday environment. The machines, factories, muddy roads, fog, confusion and everything else construct the grand canvas, home of humanity today.Red Desert
Identification of a Woman1982Michelangelo AntonioniItaly5 Identification of a Woman
Jaws1975Steven SpielbergUnited States5Masculinity matters and male anxiety is realJaws
Empire of the Sun1987Steven SpielbergUnited States4 Empire of the Sun
Saving Private Ryan1998Steven SpielbergUnited States4 Saving Private Ryan
Femme fatale2002Brian De PalmaFrance5 Femme fatale
Paris, Texas1984Wim WendersWest Germany5 Paris, Texas
Sonatine1993Takeshi KitanoJapan5 Sonatine
Oasis2002Lee Chang-dongSouth Korea5Where all Manhattan-based glamourous romantic comedies go to die, return as the zombies that they are and are washed from their sins against humanity.Oasis
Crimson Gold2003Jafar PanahiIran5 Crimson Gold
A History of Violence2005David CronenbergGermany4 A History of Violence
Hidden2005Michael HanekeFrance5 Hidden
Kung Fu Hustle2004Stephen ChowChina4 Kung Fu Hustle
Tokyo Sonata2008Kiyoshi KurosawaJapan5great, great, great. really, this film is great!Tokyo Sonata
The Fisher King1991Terry GilliamUnited States5 The Fisher King
Tideland2005Terry GilliamCanada1 Tideland
Distant2002Nuri Bilge CeylanTurkey5 Distant
The Big Lebowski1998Joel CoenUnited States5Ultimately, it’s about Friendship – if you are into that whole brevity thing.The Big Lebowski
Clean2004Olivier AssayasFrance5 Clean
Once Upon a Time in America1984Sergio LeoneUnited States5 Once Upon a Time in America
3-Iron2004Kim Ki-dukSouth Korea5 3-Iron
After Hours1985Martin ScorseseUnited States5 After Hours
Carrie1976Brian De PalmaUnited States5 Carrie
Maborosi1995Hirokazu KoreedaJapan4 Maborosi
Little Red Flowers2006Zhang YuanItaly5 Little Red Flowers
All or Nothing2002Mike LeighUnited Kingdom5 All or Nothing
Zatoichi2003Takeshi KitanoJapan5 Zatoichi
Vertigo1958Alfred HitchcockUnited States5 Vertigo
That Obscure Object of Desire1977Luis BuñuelFrance5 That Obscure Object of Desire
Taste of Cherry1997Abbas KiarostamiIran5 Taste of Cherry
Sunset Blvd.1950Billy WilderUnited States5 Sunset Blvd.
Stalker1979Andrei TarkovskySoviet Union5 Stalker
The Silence of the Lambs1991Jonathan DemmeUnited States5 The Silence of the Lambs
Secrets & Lies1996Mike LeighUnited Kingdom5 Secrets & Lies
Scarface1983Brian De PalmaUnited States5It’s not about Gangsters, it’s a Capitalism horror-opera.Scarface
The Sacrifice1986Andrei TarkovskySweden5 The Sacrifice
RoboCop1987Paul VerhoevenUnited States5 RoboCop
Three Colors: Red1994Krzysztof KieślowskiFrance5 Three Colors: Red
Psycho1960Alfred HitchcockUnited States5 Psycho
The Passion of Joan of Arc1928Carl Theodor DreyerFrance5 The Passion of Joan of Arc
Oliver Twist1948David LeanUnited Kingdom5 Oliver Twist
Notorious1946Alfred HitchcockUnited States5 Notorious
My Neighbor Totoro1988Hayao MiyazakiJapan5 My Neighbor Totoro
Life of Brian1979Terry JonesUnited Kingdom5 Life of Brian
McCabe & Mrs. Miller1971Robert AltmanUnited States5 McCabe & Mrs. Miller
Lawrence of Arabia1962David LeanUnited Kingdom5 Lawrence of Arabia
La dolce vita1960Federico FelliniItaly5 La dolce vita
La jetée1962Chris MarkerFrance5 La jetée
Irma Vep1996Olivier AssayasFrance5 Irma Vep
Ichi the Killer2001Takashi MiikeJapan5 Ichi the Killer
Hard Boiled1992John WooHong Kong5Sit back, relax and try to take it all in with eyes wide open. This mind-blowing extravaganza is the pinnacle of super-stylized, hyper-kinetic, crazy HK action films. It changes the world of action cinema forever, never bothering to stop and reload.Hard Boiled
La Haine1995Mathieu KassovitzFrance5 La Haine
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly1966Sergio LeoneItaly5 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Ghost in the Shell1995Mamoru OshiiJapan5 Ghost in the Shell
Fight Club1999David FincherUnited States5 Fight Club
L’Eclisse1962Michelangelo AntonioniItaly5An achievement in modernism to be equalled on the other side of never.L'Eclisse
The Crying Game1992Neil JordanUnited Kingdom5 The Crying Game
Chinatown1974Roman PolanskiUnited States5 Chinatown
Bright Future2002Kiyoshi KurosawaJapan5 Bright Future
Blow-Up1966Michelangelo AntonioniUnited Kingdom5OI! WAKE UP! it’s a timeless masterpiece foreverBlow-Up
Beyond the Clouds1995Wim Wenders, Michelangelo AntonioniItaly5 Beyond the Clouds
Audition1999Takashi MiikeJapan5 Audition
Extreme Prejudice1987Walter HillUnited States4Walter Hill to B-movies is what Douglas Sirk is to soap operas – superficially similar, but with great integrity, conviction and craftsmanshipExtreme Prejudice
Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny2023James MangoldUnited States2Stilted filming style which fails to master both time and space. Exactly one good joke. A sincere attempt, but the director should go back to school and study Tintin’s Moroccan action sequence.Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
The Quiet American2002Phillip NoyceUnited States4 The Quiet American
When Forever Dies2020Peet GelderblomNetherlands5An original, poignant look at the mysteries of life and love, and the magic of cinema. Not in a cringy projector-beam-over-a-smiling-face way, but with ingenious juxtaposition, honesty and compassion. It’s the ultimate super cut and the potency of its editing will make Kuleshov blush.When Forever Dies
Tucker: The Man and His Dream1988Francis Ford CoppolaUnited States3Beautiful, expensive, entertaining, subversive and iconic, but also rushed and dramatically understated. It needs at least half an hour more with this potentially wonderful ensemble.Tucker: The Man and His Dream
The Offence1972Sidney LumetUnited Kingdom3Way too darkThe Offence
Black Bird2022Michaël R. Roskam & 3 moreUnited States4 Black Bird
The Rainmaker1997Francis Ford CoppolaUnited States4While everybody was busy admiring The Godfather and the streets became cleaner, FFC scrutinised the increasingly mafia-like intimidation tactics employed by Big Corp and the justice system. Who is the bigger gangster now?The Rainmaker
Killing Them Softly2012Andrew DominikUnited States3OK, but too self-indulgent, talky and obvious. A poor man’s political gangster analogy.Killing Them Softly
Top Gun: Maverick2022Joseph KosinskiUnited States3Outgunned, broke, increasingly irrelevant? Hollywood got your back with illusions of heroism and a bucketload of spirit. And it honestly works, however hysterical and ridiculous.Top Gun: Maverick
Speed1994Jan de BontUnited States4Fastest rewatch I ever did.Speed
The Matrix Resurrections2021Lana WachowskiUnited States2Nice try, but no. The ambition and intriguing concept are crushed by the weight of very poor action staging, lack of propulsion, constant rehashing and general meaninglessness.The Matrix Resurrections
A Bittersweet Life2005Kim Jee-woonSouth Korea4 A Bittersweet Life
Dune: Part One2021Denis VilleneuveUnited States2Not sure about the decision to relinquish directing duties to Hans Zimmer in the last 30-40 minutes…Dune: Part One
Family Romance, LLC2019Werner HerzogUnited States3This film looks like s***, has an intriguing concept and provides a few compassionate moments of profound sadness.Family Romance, LLC
February2020Kamen KalevBulgaria4A beautiful opportunity to take a look at a life without ambition and liberate yourself from the daily grind for 2 hours. Full review.February
Predestination2014Michael Spierig, Peter SpierigAustralia2OK but too much talking.Predestination
Zardoz1974John BoormanUnited Kingdom4Probably the most far out film where all the craziness somehow makes perfect sense in political, social, religious, sexual and human context.Zardoz
Angel Has Fallen2019Ric Roman WaughUnited States1Remember the operatic, magnificent camera work in Die Hard? This is the exact opposite. Action scenes here are an unimaginative ugly chore. The only saving grace is the Nick Nolte dynamic, which is admittedly pretty cool.Angel Has Fallen
Long Day’s Journey Into Night2018Bi GanChina4Lower class wasteland lined with hardship, dotted by fleeting doses of entertainment and supported by dreams of escaping.Long Day's Journey Into Night
Vice2018Adam McKayUnited States2Barely watchable thanks to the amazing story. The creative flourishes are mildly amusing and largely cringe-worthy. The uninspired cinematography is a chore. Watch Errol Morris’ wonderful The Unknown Known instead.Vice
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword2017Guy RitchieUnited Kingdom3 King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Deadpool 22018David LeitchUnited States4No matter how good, some blockbuster sequels just can’t shake the sameness and pointlessness (Guardians 2, Red 2). DP2, on the other hand, is as worthy a sequel as it can be, while staying amazingly fresh. For fans of the original and Mr Reynolds, it’s a must.Deadpool 2
Da 5 Bloods2020Spike LeeUnited States3Messy, but entertaining and occasionally poignant. If you really must watch a group of mentally tortured black veterans return to Vietnam and s*** hit the fan, you won’t be disappointed.Da 5 Bloods
Richard Jewell2019Clint EastwoodUnited States4 Richard Jewell
Bad Boys For Life2020Adil El Arbi, Bilall FallahUnited States3 Bad Boys For Life
Godzilla: King of the Monsters2019Michael DoughertyUnited States2I could only stomach about 40′ of intense reaction close ups against murky CGI mayhem. Why bother?Godzilla: King of the Monsters
The Irishman2019Martin ScorseseUnited States3This OK elegy is not a patch on Carlito’s Way.The Irishman
Terminator: Dark Fate2019Tim MillerUnited States3Genuinely amusing character interplay in what appears to be a great high school play based on the originals. Minus two points for uninspiring CGI/staging of the action and general pointlessness.Terminator: Dark Fate
Avengers: Endgame2019Anthony Russo, Joe RussoUnited States2A little mischievousness can’t offset the blur of countless throwaway scenes and gags that try to create emotion in 3 seconds and it’s off to the next one.Avengers: Endgame
The Last Battle1983Luc BessonFrance5 The Last Battle
Fellini’s Roma1972Federico FelliniItaly4A delirious, inherently cinematic time capsule with terrible sound.Fellini's Roma
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom2018Juan Antonio BayonaUnited States3 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Safe2012Boaz YakinUnited States4One of the best action films ever made.Safe
Shadow2018Zhang YimouChina5From chamber drama to Shakespearen tragedy to Impressionism to wuxia silliness to Grand Guignol bloodshed to a holy shit ending, Yimou is unwavering.Shadow
The Mule2018Clint EastwoodUnited States5A beautiful picture of the expansive country where all roads lead back home, eventually. An Americana masterpiece.The Mule
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote2018Terry GilliamSpain3The Fisher King lite, Baron Munchausen lite and a moving theme of affecting people around you with your fantasies. Too busy, stylistically bland and edited too quickly, but very entertaining indeed.The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
Bodied2017Joseph KahnUnited States3The irony here is that these clowns chose to appropriate Disney of all cultures, with a superhero origin story where fighters use words.Bodied
Inglourious Basterds2009Quentin TarantinoUnited States4Unabashed belief in the mythical power of semiotics.Inglourious Basterds
The Equalizer 22018Antoine FuquaUnited States4Smaller, better and the most this time it’s personal sequel since Infernal Affairs 3. Harry Gregson-Williams is a star.The Equalizer 2
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension1984W.D. RichterUnited States2The end credits are a fantastic little scene.The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
Ayla: The Daughter of War2017Can UlkayTurkey3Turkey torn between its historical Asian roots (Korean melodrama) and desired Western future.Ayla: The Daughter of War
The Salesman2016Asghar FarhadiIran4Sharp social drama. Lean with no superfluous filler.The Salesman
Annihilation2018Alex GarlandUnited Kingdom3Remember when cinema had hot women?Annihilation
The Post2017Steven SpielbergUnited States4See, Guillermo? It’s possible to fantasize about your beliefs without forcing propaganda down our throats. Spielberg, Kaminski, John Williams, Michael Kahn and the great cast have crafted an excellent, restrained film whose only flaw is it didn’t happen during Obama’s atrocities.The Post
Eternité2016Trần Anh HùngFrance3Cruel. The price for humanity’s eternal life is the grief for the loss of those who didn’t make it.Eternité
The Commuter2018Jaume Collet-SerraUnited Kingdom3Very solid if not quite as great as Non-Stop.The Commuter
Die Hard1988John McTiernanUnited States5 Die Hard
Dear John2010Lasse HallströmUnited States3Better than Sorrentino’s Youth.Dear John
The Light Between Oceans2016Derek CianfranceUnited Kingdom3Slightly contrived, but very moving and full of quasi David Lean landscapes. The lights is happiness and the oceans are families. Can it shine on both at once?The Light Between Oceans
Blade Runner 20492017Denis VilleneuveUnited States5The rift between sentimentality and rationality holds the full spectrum of the human experience. Full review.Blade Runner 2049
The Last Face2016Sean PennUnited States3Not as bad as they say. Occasionally poignant and ridiculous. You’re better off with Takashi Miike’s The Lion Standing in the Wind (2015), though.The Last Face
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets2017Luc BessonFrance3An arresting experience, but what’s with the inane dialogue and unfunny jokes? Embarrassing voice-over one liners in split seconds. 🙁 Pacing also didn’t work for me in the first half.Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
The Great Wall2016Zhang YimouChina3 The Great Wall
Alien: Covenant2017Ridley ScottUnited States3Jed Kurzel is my jam. Trans humanism doesn’t get any better/horrifying than thisAlien: Covenant
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk2016Ang LeeUnited States3Good, but I wish Ang Lee would stop trying to force spirituality down our throats, Life of Pi style. That’s not how it works.Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
The Age of Shadows2016Kim Jee-woonSouth Korea4 The Age of Shadows
Prisoners2013Denis VilleneuveUnited States5Trapped by their own faith(lessness).Prisoners
Assassin’s Creed2016Justin KurzelUnited States3 Assassin's Creed
The Hangover2009Todd PhillipsUnited States5 The Hangover
Moana2016John Musker & 3 moreUnited States4Now this is more like it and washes away the bad taste from awful Finding Dory.Moana
Finding Dory2016Andrew Stanton, Angus MacLaneUnited States1An obnoxious, unfunny, merciless barrage of shouting and tic action.Finding Dory
Doctor Strange2016Scott DerricksonUnited States3Breaking the rules of auteur cinema has never been more fulfilling.Doctor Strange
Train to Busan2016Yeon Sang-hoSouth Korea4Almost as terrifying as that time when I had kimchi for breakfast on the KTX.Train to Busan
Masterminds2015Jared HessUnited States3 Masterminds
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story2016Gareth EdwardsUnited States1I’m the pilot!? WTF. Full review.Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Suicide Squad2016David AyerUnited States3 Suicide Squad
The Handmaiden2016Park Chan-wookSouth Korea3Needs more twistsThe Handmaiden
Saving Mr. Wu2015Sheng DingChina3 Saving Mr. Wu
Star Trek Beyond2016Justin LinUnited States1Beyond indifferentStar Trek Beyond
Snowden2016Oliver StoneGermany3 Snowden
War Dogs2016Todd PhillipsUnited States3Full review.War Dogs
Warcraft: The Beginning2016Duncan JonesUnited States3 Warcraft: The Beginning
The Mermaid2016Stephen ChowChina3 The Mermaid
Captain America: Civil War2016Anthony Russo, Joe RussoUnited States3Good tough throwback. -1 for immortality and -1 for 3D.Captain America: Civil War
Carol2015Todd HaynesUnited States3Way to suck the life out of Douglas Sirk.Carol
Pawn Shop Chronicles2013Wayne KramerUnited States4 Pawn Shop Chronicles
The Cooler2003Wayne KramerUnited States3 The Cooler
Room2015Lenny AbrahamsonCanada4 Room
Deadpool2016Tim MillerUnited States3 Deadpool
Steve Jobs2015Danny BoyleUnited States3Dynamic talkie keeps attention.Steve Jobs
The Raid 22014Gareth EvansIndonesia3 The Raid 2
The Hateful Eight2015Quentin TarantinoUnited States4Also Robert Altman’s Quintet.The Hateful Eight
Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015J.J. AbramsUnited States4Score was better than expected, just great.Star Wars: The Force Awakens
About Elly2009Asghar FarhadiIran3 About Elly
Spectre2015Sam MendesUnited Kingdom3Feed the DP, score and song composer to the laser sharks.Spectre
This Is the End2013Evan Goldberg, Seth RogenUnited States3 This Is the End
Inside Out2015Pete Docter, Ronnie Del CarmenUnited States4If it takes the full spectrum of the human condition to get Pixar’s groove back, so be it.Inside Out
Avengers: Age of Ultron2015Joss WhedonUnited States1Enjoyed the line “None of this makes any sense”.Avengers: Age of Ultron
Spy2015Paul FeigUnited States11 star for some inspired insults. The rest ”twitchy contrasts comedy, numbing reaction shots, throwaway explanation lines again and again“ is an insult to arts and humanity.Spy
Chappie2015Neill BlomkampUnited States4The right kind of b-movie.Chappie
Jupiter Ascending2015Lilly Wachowski, Lana WachowskiUnited States3 Jupiter Ascending
Ex Machina2014Alex GarlandUnited Kingdom3If an extended music video presents itself as a film, does it believe it or is it pretending?Ex Machina
Big Eyes2014Tim BurtonUnited States2 Big Eyes
Blackhat2015Michael MannUnited States5From the ashes of the bandits/cops genre arises a modern western where the frontier is no longer geographical, cultural or racial. It’s a rabbit hole to the underground cyberspace which literally changes the face of the Earth.Blackhat
Taken 32014Olivier MegatonFrance2Solid story, but what’s with the insane editing?Taken 3
Apocalypto2006Mel GibsonUnited States5 Apocalypto
Happy Feet Two2011George Miller & 2 moreAustralia2Messaging overdrive left me cold to this passable, but inferior and unnecessary sequel to a masterpiece.Happy Feet Two
Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014Anthony Russo, Joe RussoUnited States3 Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Sorcerer1977William FriedkinUnited States4 Sorcerer
Non-Stop2014Jaume Collet-SerraUnited States4Awesome thriller.Non-Stop
The Hangover Part III2013Todd PhillipsUnited States3Don’t mess with Todd Phillips. The man knows how to compose shots.The Hangover Part III
Gravity2013Alfonso CuarónUnited States1I picked the wrong week to quit drinking space vodka. Zero G awards for this terrible long unpleasantness. Next time, take the Lifeboat.Gravity
The Flowers of War2011Zhang YimouChina4Invading a country is unnatural, like masking corruption as innocence. War is deception for all parties involved and they can never go back to decency. Only pretend.The Flowers of War
The Emerald Forest1985John BoormanUnited Kingdom5The greenest film ever made (in all senses of the word)The Emerald Forest
The Hangover: Part II2011Todd PhillipsUnited States3The decline of this series has been greatly exaggerated.The Hangover: Part II
Under the Hawthorn Tree2010Zhang YimouChina4Gently devastating Cultural Revolution drama proves Yimou haters wrong (again).Under the Hawthorn Tree
Bad Boys II2003Michael BayUnited States4This is totally ridiculous in every way. Loved it!Bad Boys II
The Social Network2010David FincherUnited States3This shadow-society essay is no doubt fascinating, with its blank characters with faces, lit only from aside and the overbearing feeling of aimlessness. But why such a somber and endlessly depressing tone? The Hudsucker Proxy is superior to this, plus it’s actually entertaining.The Social Network
Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope1977George LucasUnited States4Never underestimate the power of Cool Sh!t™️Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
M1931Fritz LangGermany5M(asterpiece)M
The Road1982Şerif Gören, Yılmaz GüneyTurkey4Misery, fear and honour.The Road
The Skin I Live In2011Pedro AlmodóvarSpain5This full-on virtuoso psycho drama is the best De Palma film since Femme Fatale.The Skin I Live In
Iron Man 32013Shane BlackUnited States2 Iron Man 3
Tony Takitani2004Jun IchikawaJapan5playful, careful and considerate meeting of literature and cinema.exquisite framing, underlined by a constant slow pan. nary a trace of colour. gentle minimalistic piano by sakamoto-sensei. in tony takitani, it feels like the outside world is but a whisper from far awayTony Takitani
Arsenic and Old Lace1944Frank CapraUnited States5 Arsenic and Old Lace
Monsters, Inc.2001Pete Docter & 2 moreUnited States5 Monsters, Inc.
Eagle Eye2008D.J. CarusoUnited States1 Eagle Eye
Mr. Cinema2007Samson ChiuHong Kong4 Mr. Cinema
Claustrophobia2008Ivy HoHong Kong5 Claustrophobia
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle2004Danny LeinerUnited States5 Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
Cast Away2000Robert ZemeckisUnited States5 Cast Away
A Moment of Innocence1996Mohsen MakhmalbafIran5On par with Close-up (!) – the very best of self-reflexive cinema as a link between passion in politics and humanism in history.A Moment of Innocence
Time2006Kim Ki-dukSouth Korea4 Time
The Namesake2006Mira NairIndia4 The Namesake
A Scene at the Sea1991Takeshi KitanoJapan5 A Scene at the Sea
Mrs. Doubtfire1993Chris ColumbusUnited States1A crime against humanity.Mrs. Doubtfire
Kin-Dza-Dza!1986Georgi DaneliyaSoviet Union5 Kin-Dza-Dza!
Something Wild1986Jonathan DemmeUnited States5 Something Wild
Vampires1998John CarpenterUnited States5 Vampires
Poetry2010Lee Chang-dongSouth Korea5“Poetry” is Heart is That little something we’re always looking for in order to make life worthwhile.Poetry
Open Range2003Kevin CostnerUnited States5 Open Range
Minority Report2002Steven SpielbergUnited States5a cinematic miracle that never slows down. the dizzying action routine is shattered, after we find an important, personal image in the ocean of visual noise. yes, it’s blow-up as sci-fi, plus a bold criticism of democracy: the majority is not always right. almost as great a film as a.i.Minority Report
GoldenEye1995Martin CampbellUnited States5 GoldenEye
Serpico1973Sidney LumetUnited States5 Serpico
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time2010Mike NewellUnited States1 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
The Ghost Writer2010Roman PolanskiFrance5The man, who already is a Ghost, takes the ferry over the river Styx, and goes into the post-apocalyptic afterlife, that is contemporary America imagined by Polanski, who shows us an intense feeling of disconnection, alienation and suspicion. Full review.The Ghost Writer
The Ninth Gate1999Roman PolanskiUnited States5 The Ninth Gate
Eastern Plays2009Kamen KalevBulgaria5Some day, you will see a fresh landscape outside your bus window. But when and how, is a mystery. Because time is cyclic and man is an impenetrable multi-faceted crystal.Eastern Plays
Blow Out1981Brian De PalmaUnited States5“I’m a sound man – I know what an echo sounds like.” – and so begins De Palma’s search for echoes of integrity in society and media.Blow Out
A Passage to India1984David LeanUnited States5 A Passage to India
The Manchurian Candidate2004Jonathan DemmeUnited States5Unflinching dissection of political schizophrenia and brainwash. Current political games are so far away from the ideals they should follow that they render (patriotic) people confused and completely lost. A cinematic revelation with narrative as fragmented and harrowing as the reality it represents.The Manchurian Candidate
Mission to Mars2000Brian De PalmaUnited States5Fearless exploration of the unknown is the ultimate release.Mission to Mars
Hi, Mom!1970Brian De PalmaUnited States5 Hi, Mom!
Dead or Alive 2: Birds2000Takashi MiikeJapan5 Dead or Alive 2: Birds
The Wrong Man1956Alfred HitchcockUnited States5 The Wrong Man
Do the Right Thing1989Spike LeeUnited States5 Do the Right Thing
Jurassic Park1993Steven SpielbergUnited States5 Jurassic Park
Tokyo Godfathers2003Satoshi KonJapan5 Tokyo Godfathers
Shirin2008Abbas KiarostamiIran5 Shirin
To Live1994Zhang YimouChina5Nothing can prepare you for this surprising, moving and ultimately devastating masterpiece of cinema.To Live
Ulysses’ Gaze1995Theodoros AngelopoulosGreece5 Ulysses' Gaze
The Terminator1984James CameronUnited States5 The Terminator
Terminator Salvation2009McGUnited Kingdom2Broken beyond any hope for salvation.Terminator Salvation
Escape from New York1981John CarpenterUnited States5 Escape from New York
Black Book2006Paul VerhoevenNetherlands5 Black Book
Black Cat, White Cat1998Emir KusturicaYugoslavia5 Black Cat, White Cat
The Best Years of Our Lives1946William WylerUnited States5 The Best Years of Our Lives
The Killing Fields1984Roland JofféUnited Kingdom5 The Killing Fields
A Snake of June2002Shin’ya TsukamotoJapan5 A Snake of June
The Night of the Hunter1955Charles LaughtonUnited States5 The Night of the Hunter
Touch of Evil1958Orson WellesUnited States5 Touch of Evil
Fellini Satyricon1969Federico FelliniItaly5 Fellini Satyricon
Raise the Red Lantern1991Zhang YimouChina5Acclaimed, celebrated, canonised… and still underrated!Raise the Red Lantern
The Road Home1999Zhang YimouChina5 The Road Home
Infernal Affairs II2003Alan Mak, Andrew Lau Wai-keungChina4 Infernal Affairs II
Comrades: Almost a Love Story1996Peter Ho-Sun ChanHong Kong5most touching romance/drama since brief encounter. surprising, awesome and unforgettableComrades: Almost a Love Story
Eastern Promises2007David CronenbergCanada4 Eastern Promises
The Fly1986David CronenbergUnited States5 The Fly
Interview with the Vampire1994Neil JordanUnited States4 Interview with the Vampire
Land of Plenty2004Wim WendersGermany5 Land of Plenty
The Long Goodbye1973Robert AltmanUnited States5 The Long Goodbye
19001976Bernardo BertolucciItaly5 1900
The World2004Jia ZhangkeChina5 The World
Raising Arizona1987Joel CoenUnited States5 Raising Arizona
No Country for Old Men2007Joel Coen, Ethan CoenUnited States5 No Country for Old Men
Like You Know It All2009Hong Sang-sooSouth Korea5 Like You Know It All
Chopper2000Andrew DominikAustralia5The best Hulk film by far.Chopper
Ed Wood1994Tim BurtonUnited States5 Ed Wood
A Short Film About Love1988Krzysztof KieślowskiPoland5 A Short Film About Love
Zabriskie Point1970Michelangelo AntonioniUnited States5 Zabriskie Point
Obsession1976Brian De PalmaUnited States5 Obsession
Close Encounters of the Third Kind1977Steven SpielbergUnited States5 Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Always1989Steven SpielbergUnited States5The ultimate Geek romance.Always
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull2008Steven SpielbergUnited States3 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Tokyo Story1953Yasujirō OzuJapan5 Tokyo Story
Point Blank1967John BoormanUnited States5 Point Blank
Code Unknown: Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys2000Michael HanekeFrance5 Code Unknown: Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys
Where Is the Friend’s House?1987Abbas KiarostamiIran5 Where Is the Friend's House?
Close-Up1990Abbas KiarostamiIran5This wonderful Close-up encompasses everything about humanity, art and society. Wow indeed.Close-Up
The Pianist2002Roman PolanskiGermany5 The Pianist
Lost Highway1997David LynchUnited States5 Lost Highway
Shaolin Soccer2001Stephen ChowChina4 Shaolin Soccer
The International2009Tom TykwerGermany5Makes the recent attempts at grounding Bond as ridiculous as Nolan’s Batman. They have nothing on Tykwer’s unflinching relevance, astonishing exactness and one of the most amazing action sequences of all time. Bullet spray repaints a museum of art. Civilisation is built upon violence. Absolutely brilliant.The International
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen1988Terry GilliamUnited Kingdom5 The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Sparrow2008Johnnie ToHong Kong5 Sparrow
20462004Wong Kar WaiHong Kong5 2046
Achilles and the Tortoise2008Takeshi KitanoJapan5the best film by kitano (!) and one of the best films about art (together with vincent and theo). anyone interested or involved with art should check it out. it goes as deep in the matter as it gets.Achilles and the Tortoise
Aliens1986James CameronUnited States4 Aliens
Back to the Future1985Robert ZemeckisUnited States5 Back to the Future
The Matrix1999Lilly Wachowski, Lana WachowskiUnited States5 The Matrix
Catch Me If You Can2002Steven SpielbergUnited States5 Catch Me If You Can
The Untouchables1987Brian De PalmaUnited States5 The Untouchables
Still Walking2008Hirokazu KoreedaJapan5awesome, sublime, triumphant. if anyone doubted that kore-eda is as good as any japanese director in any time, here is the proof… served with immense aesthetic and humanistic pleasureStill Walking
Seventeen Years1999Zhang YuanChina5a great film by the great zhang yuan, the best young chinese director along with jia zhang-keSeventeen Years
Demonlover2002Olivier AssayasFrance5this is the in-depth re-definition of modernism and l’avventura of this centuryDemonlover
Yi Yi2000Edward YangTaiwan5 Yi Yi
Underground1995Emir KusturicaYugoslavia5 Underground
Ten2002Abbas Kiarostami, Mania AkbariIran5 Ten
A Tale of Two Sisters2003Kim Jee-woonSouth Korea5 A Tale of Two Sisters
Summertime1955David LeanUnited States5 Summertime
Spirited Away2001Hayao MiyazakiJapan5 Spirited Away
Short Cuts1993Robert AltmanUnited States5 Short Cuts
Secret Sunshine2007Lee Chang-dongSouth Korea5Any kind of social order – religion, politics etc – will always be at odds with the individual because, as the stunning post-tragedy scenes show, the human spirit can never be rationalised and tamed.Secret Sunshine
Scandal1950Akira KurosawaJapan5 Scandal
Rushmore1998Wes AndersonUnited States5 Rushmore
The River1951Jean RenoirFrance5 The River
Rear Window1954Alfred HitchcockUnited States5 Rear Window
Princess Mononoke1997Hayao MiyazakiJapan5 Princess Mononoke
Paths of Glory1957Stanley KubrickUnited States5 Paths of Glory
Oldboy2003Park Chan-wookSouth Korea5 Oldboy
Nobody Knows2004Hirokazu KoreedaJapan5 Nobody Knows
My Blueberry Nights2007Wong Kar WaiHong Kong5great film, i find its rejection funny and ironic (as his classic films were influenced by the culture we see here)My Blueberry Nights
Monty Python and the Holy Grail1975Terry Jones, Terry GilliamUnited Kingdom5 Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The Man Who Wasn’t There2001Ethan Coen, Joel CoenUnited States5 The Man Who Wasn't There
Last Tango in Paris1972Bernardo BertolucciFrance5 Last Tango in Paris
The Killing1956Stanley KubrickUnited States5 The Killing
Ivan’s Childhood1962Andrei TarkovskySoviet Union5 Ivan's Childhood
Into the Wild2007Sean PennUnited States5 Into the Wild
Howl’s Moving Castle2004Hayao MiyazakiJapan5 Howl's Moving Castle
Happy Together1997Wong Kar WaiHong Kong5 Happy Together
Great Expectations1946David LeanUnited Kingdom5 Great Expectations
Gone with the Wind1939Sam Wood & 2 moreUnited States5 Gone with the Wind
Full Metal Jacket1987Stanley KubrickUnited Kingdom5 Full Metal Jacket
Fargo1996Joel CoenUnited States5 Fargo
Dr. Strangelove1964Stanley KubrickUnited Kingdom5 Dr. Strangelove
Citizen Kane1941Orson WellesUnited States5 Citizen Kane
Céline and Julie Go Boating1974Jacques RivetteFrance1 Céline and Julie Go Boating
Brief Encounter1945David LeanUnited Kingdom5 Brief Encounter
Blood Simple1984Joel CoenUnited States5 Blood Simple
Be Kind Rewind2008Michel GondryUnited States1 Be Kind Rewind
Summer Hours2008Olivier AssayasFrance5great film! assayas with even more subtletySummer Hours

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